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How to get Endless Free Leads for free

Endless Free Leads is a free attraction marketing strategy using social media - Facebook and LinkedIn specifically.

Endless Free Leads is a free attraction marketing strategy using social media - Facebook and LinkedIn specifically.

It was created by Max Steingart decades ago - he mastered his technique on America Online! - and he's continually adapting it to the changing social media landscape, earning the moniker "the father of social networking."

Facebook ads and solo ads are great, but they cost money. Endless Free Leads only requires 3 things:

  1. A free profile - Facebook or LinkedIn or both
  2. Your energy to learn the simple skills of Endless Free Leads
  3. Your time to implement the strategy
  4. PROFIT 😜

The good news is that now you can get Endless Free Leads for free when you join me in my business online.

Check out the details here and get in touch!

How to get everything you need for a successful online network marketing business

What do you need to have a successful online network marketing business?

What do you need to have a successful online network marketing business?

  1. An excellent product that fulfils a felt need among a large market, that pays you well.
  2. A way to tell a large number of people about it for free.

First of all, the product (item 1) I've linked above provides education for a hungry market - entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to make a living online. Tap here to view an 8-minute video and find out more.

Secondly, the marketing system (item 2) I've linked above uses Facebook and LinkedIn for free, so you don't have to spend hundreds every month on paid advertising.

Here's the deal:

If you join me in the product above at the $250 level or more, I will provide you with the social media marketing strategy for free!

(And if you join me at the $1,000 level or more, I'll give you both the social media marketing strategy and access to a millionaire mentoring community for the grand sum of $0 more.

This means that you can have everything you need for a successful online network marketing business:

  1. An excellent product that fulfils a felt need among a large market, that pays you well.
  2. A free strategy to reach hundreds of people on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media. (Don't buy from here because I'll be giving it to you free of charge.)

Are you looking for a way to create a full-time income online?

Then sign up for item 1 (the product) above and get in touch with me.

I'll hook you up with item 2 (the free social media attraction marketing strategy) if you join me at the $250 level or more, and I'll let you in on the millionaire mentoring at the $1,000 level or more.

Got any questions?

Talk to me - I love to hear from my readers!

This offer may be discontinued at any time.

Sometimes darkness can show you the light

"When you think all is forsaken
Listen to me now (all is not forsaken)
You need never feel broken again
Sometimes darkness can show you the light"


No, I don't mean to SEEK the darkness.

There's no need to actively look for pain. Life provides enough pain already.

Just, notice the pain that IS there.

As shadows are proof that light is there, pain is proof that joy is there.

One thing I hate - hate - is characters in stories who have no shadow. Like Superman used to be.

Another thing that I hate (less, tho'), is characters who are ALL shadow. Like some DC characters, who are ALL DARK AND BROODING, a shortcut by newer writers who followed in the path of Frank Miller's Dark Knight but without the depth of understanding.

It's like this - one day, I realised that all real objects cast shadows.

The brighter the light, the darker the shadow.

Anything that doesn't cast a shadow isn't real.

People who pretend life's ALL great aren't real.

And yet, a shadow is not a thing in itself. It is EVIDENCE of a thing standing before a light.

If you find a dark shadow following you around, be heartened - there is a bright light shining on you.

If you're seeing a dark shadow, you just need to look the other way, and you'll see the light.

For example, if you're seeing a shadow that taunts you with a sense that your life is futile, it is because there's a light at your back shining on your worth and destiny. It's bringing out that contrast.

Don't fight it, just turn around and embrace the divine light of your life's calling.

It feels good, like sunbathing. Just take it in sensible doses so you don't get sunburned. Trust your instincts; you know how much is enough for you per session.

If you're seeing a dark shadow in your life, it means:

  1. You're REAL, and
  2. You have a bright light shining on you.

You just need to choose where to look.

"Sometimes darkness can show you the light."

Darkness tells you where to look for the light.

If this brings light to you, please share it. You never know who needs some light in their life.

Happy Halloween.

One Big Why Network Marketing

One of my biggest reasons for believing in network marketing is the whole "teach a man to fish" thing.

One of my biggest reasons for believing in network marketing is the whole "teach a man to fish" thing.

Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day (or one meal, in my case).

But teach that man to fish and he can eat for life (unless he refuses to move - then there's no helping him).

With network marketing, you have a chance to teach an infinite number of people how to fish.

You can even teach those people how to teach other people to fish.

You can even teach those people how to teach other people how to teach other people how to fish.

It goes on indefinitely, limited only by human will. That is to say, choose to go on, and it'll never stop.

I was reminded of this again when a friend of mine posted a message on WhatsApp promoting a single mother's homemade biscuits.

I thought, That's great. And wouldn't it be even greater if that single mother could be taught to build her own recurring passive income business?

The thing about starting a home-baking business is that the more you do well, the less time you'll have (because you'll spend every waking moment baking).

This is an improvement over having no income, but it's not an ideal long-term solution.

And buying a proven franchise like McDonald's is better, but not in the reach of most single mothers.

However, network marketing requires little initial outlay - usually, just a nominal registration fee to get started, and then the cost of products for one's own use.

Beyond that, it's a matter of merchandising products and enrolling distributors by word of mouth.

Not an easy task, but a simple and learnable (therefore duplicable) skill.

Most people underestimate the complexity of running a business - even a home-based business or a small mom-and-pop store.

Please do yourself the incredible favour of reading The E-Myth Revisited, an essential primer on the whys and hows of starting and running a small business.

And then, with that understanding, look to starting and growing a network marketing business, where most of the complexity has been systematised and a built-in support and training network helps you implement it till success.

The only thing that only you can supply - and therefore YOU must supply - are the registration fee, the cost of your own consumption of products, and faith in yourself enough to stick with it until you've succeeded.

FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful

Can you do that?

That being said, network marketing isn't for everyone.

It's a marketing business. It's not for people who want to be a manufacturer. (Although you can implement network marketing to implement your product - but that's starting a network marketing company, which is different than joining a network marketing company to start your own marketing business.)

It's a network business. It's not for people who are sociopathic. It's for people who actually like and care for people.

How would you like to learn a Certain Way to success through this business? Chat me.

How would you like to teach people how to fish in addition to just giving them fish? Chat me!

BE the Pygmalion - use the Pygmalion Effect to create the life you like

The Pygmalion Effect

The Pygmalion Effect means that people rise up - or fall - to your expectations, depending on what your expectations of them are.

This means that in your position of influence, you can affect the performance of your team simply because of your assumptions (aka beliefs) about them.

Conversely, if you are under the influence of someone, say a coach or a boss or an upline or a guru, your abilities might be improved or degraded simply because of their assumptions about you.

But what are you, a lump of wet clay?

YOU be the Pygmalion. YOU set the expectations. YOU switch on your faith.

Believe the best of those under you, and believe the best of those OVER you.

What if YOU held the assumption or belief that your coach/boss/upline/teacher had great potential to lead you and had great belief in you?


Once again, a clinical experiment shows that YOU create your reality.

(Unless you're living in a fog of unawareness and you've given away your power to people to influence you. (What kind of "influencers" do you follow on Instagram and TikTok, BTW?))

Take back your power. BE the Pygmalion. Set YOUR expectations of those you lead and those you follow.

YOU can make your life what you want it to be. (Psst, you already are.)

Network marketing is a free voluntary school for marketing entrepreneurs

Network marketing is like a "for-profit nonprofit" for developing marketing entrepreneurs.

It is voluntary, free, real-world training - with product usage and business enrollment as the price of entry.

Success leaves clues, and when a network marketing company has a record of success (ten years and still expanding), it means they have a proven system for success that you can learn from.

This system is entirely voluntary. This means that you can enroll in this "school" IF you see the value in it. AND it also means that no one can make you stay in this school.

So that's the free and voluntary aspect of the entrepreneurial training. There's usually no fee for the training, or a nominal cost to cover materials and such.

What you pay to learn from this voluntary training institute that you see value in, is to use the products from the company and to share the business opportunity of the company.

This can feel scammy if you do not believe in the products and corporate governance of the company.

So make sure you trust and believe in the products and governance of the network marketing company you join.

If you can't do that, leave that company.


Go find one you can believe in.

Then, enroll yourself in the voluntary training system. Commit yourself. Follow it.


Feel free to talk to me if you have any conversations in your head:

The true enemy of success isn't failure

The enemy of success is not failure.

The enemy of success is comfort.


Failure is not the enemy of success - it is a stepping stone to success.

Comfort, however, is the enemy of success - because in order to succeed, you must attempt.

And comfort prevents you from attempting.

Why risk failure when you're already comfortable right where you are?

Better to be comfortable than to fail, isn't it?

What do you think?

Do you think it's better to remain as you are or to risk failure?

Honestly, there is a place for comfort.

Comfort is a "ready state."

But what are you ready for?

Is comfort a ready state for the next potato chip? For the next TV episode? For the next unpaid bill?

Comfort is a ready state for the next action.

So, yes, get comfortable. It's important.

But then, once you're comfortable, realise that it's a ready state.

Get comfortable, then get into action.

Fail often, succeed often.

It's part of life.

How often should a baby fail before it gives up learning how to walk?

Success is your natural state, just as walking is a child's natural state.

Keep falling till you're walking.

Keep failing till you're succeeding.

It's simply natural.

Don't stay down. Enjoy the floor under your butt when you fall down - for a moment.

Then get up off your ass again.

Get walking. Get running. Get dancing!


What is the missing link to your success?

The details of success are defined variably by different people, but fundamentally, success looks like happy wealth and health.

That's the basic triangle of success.

Got money but no health? That's not success.

Got health but no money? That's better, but still not success.

Got money and health but no happiness? That's a mockery of success.

What's more, the path to success involves even more variables.

There's your business and/or investments, your diet, your exercise plan, your mental health, inner game, mentors, timing, awareness, open attitude, teachability, etc, etc, etc.

If you're on the road to success but just can't seem to get there yet, you probably feel that something's missing.

And there are a thousand thousand marketers out there trying to convince you that they've got the missing piece that you need.

A marketing funnel. A secret traffic source. A personal development programme. A subliminal hypnosis track. A mentorship club.

The thing is, any of these could be the missing piece (or missing pieces) that you need.

Only YOU can really know.

So, success starts with you.

If you are constantly open and searching and learning - and you do not give up - then you will eventually get there.

So, success starts with you. Success depends on you.

YOU are the missing link to your success.

But you already have you.

This means, once you know who you really are, you've found your missing link.

So, stay in learning mode, never stop.

And follow me.

Can you do this 20 minutes a day to make a liveable income in 100 days?

I showed this business strategy to a business friend of mine, and his feedback helped me clarify this thought:

"Can you give 20 minutes a day to make a liveable income for yourself in 100 days?"

He pointed out that this would be a good consideration for:

  • salaried workers looking to build a side income,
  • independent business owners looking to expand, and
  • gig economy giggers such as Grab drivers looking to make more.

Interestingly, what is easy to do is also easy NOT to do.

Which is why too many people miss out on success.

How do YOU feel about that?

Will YOU do something that takes 20 minutes every day to make a liveable income for yourself in 100 days?

Destination 2022: More & Increase!

Q4 of 2021 is right around the corner.

Think back to what you have created out of this year so far.

Are you on track to hit your goal?

Do you have a goal?

Do you even have a track?

Haha. Before you feel too bad, know that you're like most people if the three questions above have you stumped.

But then, you and I don't want to just be like "most people," do we?

Here's the thing: Whatever you had planned for 2021 - or not - here we find ourselves nearing the start of the last part of the year!

Now, whether you have a plan for 2022 or not, you're going to find yourself "suddenly" nearing the final quarter of 2022 - just as quickly as you found yourself right here right now!

Didn't the last year just go by in a blur? That's not necessarily bad news.

Think about it.

If you had a reliable roadmap and followed it, you could find yourself easily at the destination of your choice, at the end of 2022.

Just as easily and automatically as you now find yourself in September 2021.

Easy and automatic.

We're all following a plan, whether it's a conscious or unconscious plan.

Do you have a conscious plan for 2022? Share below if you like, for all our benefit.

Or are you looking for a plan for 2022? I've got one, and it's duplicable. Let me know if you want one!

💰 Is money bad?

Is money good?

Is money bad?

If you're a druggie, money means more drugs.

If you're an alcoholic, money means more alcohol.

If you're a philanthropist, money means more social development.

If you're an animal rescuer, money means more rescue pets.

Money isn't bad. Money isn't good.

Money means MORE.

More of whatever you already ARE.

If money scares you, if you hate money, it means you're not sure about who you are. Because money simply means more of what you already are.

So, get clear about who you are before you worry about money.

Money needs a clear path, and that path is defined by whom you believe yourself to be.

When you get clear about who you are, then money has a clear path to flow as it should.

Home-based businesses don't work, unless...

It's so easy to earn more than a living on the internet nowadays. 

All you need is people, a product they want, and a smooth process for telling it to them. 

And yet many people with these tools and tactics still don't make it. 

What's missing? 

It's got to do with their internal organs. 

Specifically, their brain and their heart

To find out the missing link of a successful home-based online business - and to fill in the gap - click here and listen to this speech by someone who's been there, done that.

To your success and increase! 

Are you addicted to pain? 💢 Good. Put your pain to work.

A master copywriter recently reminded me that people are motivated by the pursuit of pleasure or the avoidance of pain.

I know that.

And that more people are motivated by avoidance of pain than by pursuit of pleasure.

I know that.

I don't like that.

Because I'm an idealist by nature and I like to think that people are inspirational creatures.

Yes, yes, they are.

But mostly, they are motivated by pain.

Even me.

Ideal outcomes inspire me, make me dream, lift me up.

But really, I don't usually get off my ass and DO something unless I HAVE to.

We like to say "no pain, no gain" and then we try to increase our threshold of pain. Because we're macho balls of ego.

But if we actually LOWER our threshold of pain, then we're motivated to action quicker.

For example, will you choose to act - only if you're broke?

Or if you've lost your job?

Or if you've had a pay cut?

Or if your income has stagnated for two years? One year? One *quarter*?

What is your threshold of pain?

At which point will you say "ENOUGH" and change your situation?

Leave a 👍 or ❤️ or 😠 or comment or SOMETHING if you've had ENOUGH and you're going to do something about it NOW.


Those strange Vitalis habits from childhood


That's the name of a hair oil that used to exist when I was a kid.

Do ANY grooming hair oils even exist anymore?

Vitalis would help make your hair smooth and manageable so that you could get the perfect parting that you desired - left, right or centre!

I would spend many long moments applying Vitalis, combing my hair, checking that the part was perfect, combing down any stray hairs, applying more Vitalis, combing, checking, oiling...

In the end, I would have a part that was perfect. More perfect than Lim Guan Eng's.

My mother would say that a fly that landed on my head would slip and break its ankle.

Four decades later, I realise that behaviour was plenty immature and probably slightly ill.

I no longer oil and part my hair meticulously. I've outgrown that.

But the tendency to perfection is still with me.

Nothing wrong with doing a job well.

But when it becomes an obsession for perfection - or a paralysis of starting anything new because it might not be PERFECT - then that's not healthy.

Growing up doesn't stop at any point.

Not at puberty, not at high school graduation, not at commencement, not when you get your PhD, not at any point.

Except at death, of course.

Do you have any strange behaviours held over from childhood?

We all have them.

Recognising - and laughing at - them is the first step at freeing yourself from them.

You know you want a better life.

But these strange shadow habits hold you back at crucial moments in your personal development.

Pick up these memories like old Polaroids, have a chuckle, and lay them down to rest.

TODAY is real, and it is here.


Do you have any strange Vitalis habits of your own?

Your pain is trying to get your attention

Managing your emotions is not about feeling good or avoiding feeling bad.

It's about just feeling, COMPLETELY.

Most of the time, we're walking around in a daze, numb and unconscious to what we're feeling. Most of the time, we're caught in between a vague notion of unease and a middling sense of contentment.

As for children, they're either: running around in ecstatic play or crying over some tragic setback. And these events can be seconds apart.

As we get older, we become more tempered, less prone to mood swings (one would hope). But the drawback of that is that we tend to become numb to our feelings. We even actively suppress our emotions, consciously or unconsciously.

The trouble of being stuck in a middling blur of emotions is that we're like a 5-foot man in a 6-foot pool. As long as you keep struggling to stay afloat, you'll be gradually drowning.

What you need to do (in this analogy, you can't swim - humour me) is to relax, sink to the bottom till your feet touch the floor of the pool, push up, take a breath and sink down again.

Keep repeating until you reach the edge of the pool. That's how you get to live.

Feel the feelings

Let your feelings take their course. Feeling down? Let the feeling run its course. When you reach the bottom, you'll easily kick up.

If you're struggling in a pool that's just a little over your head, it can feel as if the pool is infinitely deep because you never touch bottom. But just relax a little and sink a little and you'll realise it wasn't so deep after all.

Kick up. Take a breath. You can do this.

Allow your emotions to run their course.

Pain is a messenger

Physical pain is a messenger.

A man went to the doctor and said, "Doc, it hurts when I do this."

The doc said, "Stop doing it."

That's a joke that illustrates what pain is trying to tell us:

Stop doing that. Do something different.

That's why allowing your emotions to run their course is healthy. Your pain will lead you through to the other side, out of the pain-inducing patterns.

You'll just need to watch out, though. If you're dwelling in pain without getting out, then something's not right. The process isn't completing.

Pain is meant to bring you through to the other side.

But that means it has to bring you further in first.

Often, we have a little inkling of pain. A gnawing emptiness, perhaps. And we immediately try to assuage it with distractions like TikTok (check mine out!).

These distractions can keep us from feeling the pain more acutely, but they also keep us from going through to the other side.

So, what now?

Follow your pain out to pleasure

You need to be willing to sit with the pain. To sit alone, in the dark, eyes closed. No distractions. To let the pain speak to you and then lead you through.

To go into the darkness and face yourself. Like Luke Skywalker meeting Darth Vader in that huge banyan tree in Dagobah, only to find out that he himself is Vader.

Like that.

You need to sit with the pain in the silence and darkness.

That's how you see the light, hear the leading, and move out of the pain.

Now, excuse me. I need to go do it.


This post mentions vaccination, so it will probably be shadow-banned and a disclaimer should appear below it if shared on big social media.

Nevertheless, it's not primarily about vaccination, but it's more about maths and media programming.

I will entertain comments about maths and media but not about antiantivax. Talk about numbers, not feelings.

How much do you trust the media?

A week or two ago, I came across an article shrieking that 80% OF NEW INFECTIONS IN MALAYSIA COME FROM THE UNVACCINATED.

It was accompanied by an alarming pie chart that showed an 80/20 split, looking like good ol' Pac-Man taking a big chomp.

My immediate reaction was to think, "Hmm, I wonder what the percentage of unvaccinated Malaysians is... 80%, perhaps?" 🤔

This crucial bit of context was entirely missing from that article.

Anyway, fast forward a week or two to today, and I see that the rate of vaccination now is 34.9% (with 53.4% partially vaccinated):

Which means that about 65.1% as of today remain unvaccinated.

Which means that a couple of weeks ago, it's quite likely that approaching 80% were unvaccinated.

Which means that if 80% of new infections came from the unvaccinated population, who make up 80% of the general population, the rate of infection is about the same for the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

This is where you come in with the "vaccines aren't just meant to prevent infections, they reduce symptoms" argument.

I have never heard vaccines described this way before 2021.

(The WHO has also changed the definition of "herd immunity" on their website from natural immunity due to infection and recovery, to vaccine protection.)

Anyway, ask questions. Always ask questions.

Although asking questions like this could make one a domestic terrorist in the US, if certain lawmakers get their way.

Have you felt something is "off" with the world, lately?